2018 Presidents’ Quilts Exhibit


Green Country Quilters Guild will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2019. As a lead-in to this special year, we will have a display of Presidents’ Quilts. Each president requested a certain block, our members made blocks for their president’s use, and the president then had the pleasure of arranging these blocks into their own quilt. It is amazing to see what each president made.

Green Country Quilters Guild (GCQG) began in the summer of 1979 with ten ladies. By September 1979, the membership had reached 101. In 1982, GCQG added a Thursday night meeting to accompany the Friday morning meeting. It was decided to have two presidents to conduct each meeting. Ten years later the guild chose to have just one president.

Come to Quilt Tulsa 2018 to view these historical Presidents’ Quilts. The dates are June 1 and 2, 2018 at the River Spirit Expo Center at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Following is a list of the Green Country Quilters Guild presidents.

2018  Dian Doak
2017  Denise Paglio
2016  Susie Semler
2015  Peggy Selman
2014  Judy Helms
2013  Karen Scharf
2012  Linda Frazier
2011  VestaVanTrease
2010  Melody Lahan
2009  Peggy Selman
2008  David Ann Davis
2007  Dolly Mosley
2006  Wynette Pegues
2005  Patti Orr
2004  Judy Powell
2003  Connie Cindle
2002  Judy Folsom
2001  Lisa Mansfield
2000  Ann Barker
1999  Barbara Hammett
1998  Peggy Tucker
1997  Georgia Hardt
1996  Ann Barker
1995  Lisa Mansfield
1994  Lisa Mansfield
1993  Fran Gutierrez
1992  Becky Goldsmith
1991  Gloria Greenlee / Becky Goldsmith
1990  Cynthia Regone / Linda Schoonover
1989  Frances Walker / Jeri Bisel
1988  Frances Walker / Jeri Bisel
1987  Gloria Greenlee / Jeri Bisel
1986  Jodi Hicks / Sondra Steinberg
1985  Mary Gammon / Deb Norris
1984  Sharri Reeves / Betty Crowell
1983  Alice Schmeede / Betty Crowell
1982  Gloria Brown / Barbara Wright
1981  Gloria Brown
1980  Linda Fiedler
1979  Linda Fiedler