2018 Brown Bag Challenge

We were issued a challenge to make a 20″ square, finished quilt using some of each mystery fabric found in a sealed brown bag. Other fabrics of our own could also be added. The quilts created were revealed at the October meetings, judged and voted on, and awarded prizes at the November meetings. Here are the results of the 2018 Brown Bag Challenge.
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Morning Guild Meeting Winners:
1st place #38 – Judith Weaver
2nd place #34 – Dawn Berry
3rd place #39 – Rochelle Rice
Viewer’s Choice #39 – Rochelle Rice

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Evening Guild Meeting Winners:
1st place #16 – Patti Coppock
2nd place #9 – Diane Strickland
3rd place #27 – Bernadette Houghton
Viewer’s Choice #10 – Marge Kasar

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All other entries:

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